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my therapist once told me that i have this obsession with seeking revenge… we’ll see about that

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People who think I don’t already “pick my battles” greatly underestimate the number of potential battles in my path on a daily basis.

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"The average prison sentence of men who kill their women partners is 2 to 6 years. Women who kill their male partners are sentenced on average to 15 years. This is despite the fact that 86% of female offenders kill in self-defense, while males are most likely to kill out of possessiveness (82%), abuse (75%) and during arguments (63%). Women are eight times more likely than men to be killed by an intimate partner."


Fact Sheet on Battered Women in Prison

(no stats given for trans people)

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Photo: Hollie Carlin Photography & Grace Carlin

Stylist: Emma Breden

Ballad Of Magazine

Jade Thompson

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Dark but light (by Ole C. Salomonsen)

but also look at this baby

mostly nature

How can you tell who has the facts and who doesn’t?


A pro-choicer’s sources will have .gov, .org or a reliable medical journal.

A pro-lifer’s sources will have .com or ‘life’ ‘live’ ‘god’ and ‘Christian’ in theirs.

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Pro-lifer: Would you have wanted to be aborted
Me: Yes



this video was a ride from start to finish

This officially the best video i have ever seen

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